We all at AGROPOLY PYLOU S.A are committed to implementing a Total Quality Management system (TQM) meeting the expectations of international quality systems IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. AGROPOLY PYLOU S.A. is also an active Sedex member.

Among our main goals are delivering high-quality products and services to clients, sustainability and protection of the environment and the local community, guaranteeing a safe working place for employees by investing in continuous education, improvement, and development.

More specifically, but not only, our goals include:

  • Production of high-quality products, safe for consuming while meeting all clients’ expectations.
  • Complying 100% with all legislation standards and especially those regarding food safety, manufacturing practices, commercial distribution, health and safety of employees, sustainable development and protection of the environment.
  • Continuous improvement and development of the adopted quality systems.
  • Operating under a full consciousness of the company’s ethical responsibility towards the environment, the society, and all business associates.
  • Prevention of pollution, diminution of pollutants and waste to the environment, preservation of natural resources, reduction of the company’s carbon footprint. Continuously setting environmental goals and pushing our limits for improvement, development, and renovation.
  • Prevention of work-related accidents and the creation of an optimal working environment for all employees and associates.
  • Motivation and constant formation of personnel in order to achieve their full potential and to cultivate the essence of responsibility towards the client, the environment and the society meeting the goals of AGROPOLY PYLOU S.A.

Achieving all of the above is defined by the basic processes and procedures of our TQM and include actions as described briefly below:

  • Systematical internal and external auditing of effectiveness and implementation of quality systems and frequent management review, corrections, and improvements.
  • Constant training of employees an all managing parties.
  • Systematical and thorough control of production conditions, end products, implementation of Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), implementation of a total traceability system from raw materials until end products.
  • Providing all necessary resources including state of the art technology, qualified personnel, innovating production methods aiming at constantly improving products and services.
  • Proven methods of eliminating non-conformities and weaknesses and predicting actions for improvement and development.

Furthermore, we AGROPOLY PYLOU S.A recognize our strong relationships with the community of producers and consumers of our products and we are ethically committed to operating under conditions that protect the environment, the society wellbeing, human rights, labor rights, health and safety, equality between races, gender or religion.

The quality policy as described above is implemented, proved, preserved and published to all of our personnel, supplier, clients and is available on our website.