Philosophy & Vision

AGRO.POLY’s values are based on quality, reliability and mutual trust. A set of values that the company continues to build on, armed with the vision to develop the employed TQM (Total Quality Management) model, implement new sustainable business practices, adopt a modern model of Corporate Social Reliability and provide high added value to all employees, partners and customers.

AGRO.POLY’s focus is to produce high quality premium products, from extra virgin organic olive oil and pure olive oil to Greek table olives for both domestic and international markets, expand its distribution channels through export activities and make its products available through a soon to be developed e-shop where consumers will be able to buy the finest extra virgin olive oil online.

Our Facilities

AGRO.POLY‘s headquarters are based in Athens, where the administrative services are located. The factory, based in the area of Pylos in Greece consists of 900 sq. meters of production and distribution operations and 100 sq. meters of labs and auxiliary spaces used for the production of pure olive oil. The rest 4.000 sq. meters are used for storage operation of the olive oil mill.

Also there is a conference area which is located in the factory’s premises as AGRO.POLY intends to organize seminars which are aimed for groups of producers who are interested in the full range of agricultural management.

All facilities are designed to offer an efficient and above all safe work environment.

AGRO.POLY ‘s production plant has a capacity of around 700 tons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and over 100 tons of Table Olives. Its Bottling Lines capacity exceeds the 1.500 liters per hour.

Quality Insurance

AGRO.POLY has adopted the modern business management practice; it has successfully applied the principles of total quality management to all of its operations with the aim of ensuring the highest quality of pure olive oil.

One of the day-to-day primary concerns of the company’s staff and an unwavering policy of AGRO.POLY is to control, review and constantly improve quality. The successful implementation of the quality management, food safety management and environmental management is controlled and secured by ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, BRC & IFS standards.


AGRO.POLY is the first company in its field of activity that has adopted Green operation and practices in its effort to reduce environmental impact with the development of a solar plant. The solar plant allows the company to utilize solar energy for its daily operations as well as for its lighting needs within the offices.  In addition to the solar plant, AGRO.POLY uses led lighting and inverter technology on all production lines so as to minimize energy consumption and collects rain water that is later used for the irrigation of trees and for cleaning purposes.

Besides protecting the environment and its natural resources, AGRO.POLY also supports local producers and strengthens the local economy of the picturesque area of Pylos and the greater region of Messinia.

Overall, it monitors environmental standards and operates with respect to the people and nature while harmoniously blending into the natural environment, creating an iconic symmetry amidst the fragrant olive groves, the brown color of the land and the green color of the olive trees.

Our Groves

Surrounded by olive trees, the company’s production plant is situated at the top of a hill near the village of Papulia in the greater area of Messinia.

Messinia has been famous for the cultivation of olives for hundreds of years while the Koroneiki variety of trees produces one of the most prestigious varieties of olives used for the production of one of the finest extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean.

The families of farmers cultivate their groves from one generation to the other using the same traditional methods ensuring that their oil will have the best organoleptic characteristics. The microclimate and the soil of Messinia along with the traditional methods of cultivation, create a unique product of high quality standards famous around the world.